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Energy Savings

LoĒ²-270 Glass


LoE 270 Glass Performance Chart
Heating and Cooling Energy Savings

Standard Glass install for Windows Unlimited
Reduces window heat gain by 50% or more when compared to ordinary glass
Blocks 86% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays
Keeps out 63% of the sun's heat
In winter, it reflects heat back into rooms

Inside Glass and Outside Temperatures

LoE 270 Glass Temperature Comparison

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Duralite Insulating Glass Spacer System

The Duralite spacer system can save you money. The energy efficiency of a window can be measured by the amount of heat conducted through its materials. Duralite spacers conduct less energy than any other insulating glass spacer, saving you more money on your energy bills.

Lowest Conductivity warm edge spacer available
Superior argon gas retention
Year round energy savings
10X better insulation than EPDM foam
Improved condensation resistance
Easier to meet EnergyStar™ req.
Warmer edge of glass temperature
Proven adhesive technology
Composite Laminating Technology
Smooth surface appearance

Spacer Annual Energy Savings
Carbon Dioxide Reduction for Aluminum Spacer Bar